SDR Platform Upgraded



Finally we’ve been able to complete the upgrades on the SDR platform!

The system currently runs under SDR-Console V2.3 and features:

  • SDR Play 1 spectrum processor  (8 MegaSamples/s – 500 KHz to 1+GHz Range)
  • V/UHF active antenna, which thanks to an LNA shows quite good performances on the 70MHz – 1+ GHz range.
  • 16m Long wire antenna that covers the 500KHz – 29MHz range.

The two antennas are coupled together so you won’t need to switch between the two and the entire spectrum range will be available all the time.

Note:  Since the equipment uses multiple LNAs it is quite easy to overload the spectrum processor, so the suggested gain settings to avoid the phenomena are:

  • RF Gain: Set to Minimum.
  • IF Gain: Something between -20 and -35 in auto-mode should provide best performances.
  • Visual Gain: Your choice, it just shifts the signal floor up or down to better fit the FFT screen, i usually keep it to -20.
  • Sampling Rate: 1MSPS seems to give best performance and no audio shutter in every mode, for better image resolution of narrow band signals, use 500KSPS.

*NOTE: 2MHz Sampling Rate seems to suffer of Audio Shuttering, use other Rates to solve the problem, 500KHz-1MHz-3&4MHz seems to work quite smoothly.


Thanks and have fun!


-The KantZone-Web Staff-


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