Platform Switch and Possible Services DownTime

We finally decided to swich both Server OS and SDR platform to ensure better performances, compability and features.

The server part will be upgraded with a copy of Windows Server 2016 and for what concerns the SDR part we’ll swich to RTL-SDR V3 and SDR# as main SDR software platform.

Why RTL-SDR v3?

Good question, the main reason is that RTL’s are less subject to signal imaging than RSP1 even if strong signals are present, a perfect example for our server setup was the 255 MHz band where we had no chance to receive clean signals from MILSAT due to images the RSP1 was producing.

Why SDR#?

After the release of SpyServer there was actually no point to stay under SDR-Console V2.3, SDR# offers better performances and a more simple user interface, but most of all, the plugin platform makes it perfect for an all-around everyday software.

So what will happen?

We had the chance to switch OS on our server and set it up as fast as possible. However we’ll have to wait the delivery of the new RTLs, Filters, Antennas and PSUs, hopefully than we will install everything on a new location which is 15m higher than the current one and has 360° clear view of the sky.

Note that during the transition time some services could be unavailable:

  • KANT-SDR service has been shutdown already and will not be resumed (at least not under SDR-Console).
  • ACARS Monitoring service is currently running and should stay up until transition will occur.
  • ADSB service will run normally until transition.

Stay Tuned!


-The Kant-Zone Team-


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