ADSB Station Re-Started

  The ADSB 1090MHz receiving station has been successfully re-booted after an antenna failure in October 2016. The system now features a new homebrew 1/4 lambda ground plane antenna, a new magnetic coupling system and a better RF shielded RTL dongle. The average operating mileage seems to be around 210 nautical miles, reaching around 800…Read more ADSB Station Re-Started


SDR Platform Upgraded

  Finally we've been able to complete the upgrades on the SDR platform! The system currently runs under SDR-Console V2.3 and features: SDR Play 1 spectrum processor  (8 MegaSamples/s - 500 KHz to 1+GHz Range) V/UHF active antenna, which thanks to an LNA shows quite good performances on the 70MHz - 1+ GHz range. 16m…Read more SDR Platform Upgraded