Platform Switch and Possible Services DownTime

We finally decided to swich both Server OS and SDR platform to ensure better performances, compability and features. The server part will be upgraded with a copy of Windows Server 2016 and for what concerns the SDR part we'll swich to RTL-SDR V3 and SDR# as main SDR software platform. Why RTL-SDR v3? Good question,…Read more Platform Switch and Possible Services DownTime


New ACARS Module Installed

Finally we've been able to set an additional receiver to our Server! We decided it will be used as an experimental ACARS module that will cover the main European Frequencies (131.525 - 131.725 - 131.825 MHz). The decoded messages will be available to everyone at the following Link and will be stored in logs for…Read more New ACARS Module Installed

ADSB Station Re-Started

  The ADSB 1090MHz receiving station has been successfully re-booted after an antenna failure in October 2016. The system now features a new homebrew 1/4 lambda ground plane antenna, a new magnetic coupling system and a better RF shielded RTL dongle. The average operating mileage seems to be around 210 nautical miles, reaching around 800…Read more ADSB Station Re-Started